Saying Goodbye to Mama Crush Boutique...

Saying Goodbye to Mama Crush Boutique... But Saying Hello to a New Career!

I can't thank you Mamas enough for the last couple of years and your loyalty and support of Mama Crush Boutique!  You are why this little business of mine grew and became bigger than I every expected.  I have loved every minute of curating this collection for Mamas everywhere and helping you feel great about your style choices at affordable prices. I have so much gratitude for the way you embraced the Friday Five, shared the videos and posts, and shopped!  It's true what they say, every time you shop with a small business, a real person does a happy dance.  My phone was set to make a "ka-ching" sound every time there was a purchase made, and that quickly became my favorite sound in the world!

This past year especially saw exponential growth and I was ready to keep it going and growing.  But God had a different path in mind for me.  And he placed a person directly in that path!  I met April at the bus stop and we became quick Mama-Friends.  She started shopping with Mama Crush Boutique and also told me that she had been creating a new women's clothing collection and company for the past year and it was just about to launch.  Every time we talked, I knew that there was a reason that we had met and that I was supposed to be a part of her movement.  But I wasn't sure what that looked like because I already owned my own clothing company!  I think April was feeling the same way and before I knew it, she was offering me an executive position as the Field Sales and Style Director with the company, Illuminative.  After some deliberation, my husband and I decided that this was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up- it is a dream career for me! But that meant I wouldn't be able to give Mama Crush Boutique the attention it deserves and I had to make the difficult decision to close down shop.  

So it is with a heavy heart that I close this chapter of my life.  It has been fun, exciting, rewarding and a lot of hard work.  As part of my agreement to come on board with Illuminative, I asked to also be able to sell the Illuminative Collection and I will be doing that through my lifestyle blog- Mama Crush Life.  If you don't follow Mama Crush Life on FB and IG, please do!  It's a lot of fun and it's all about my life as a working Mama with 5 kids and my everyday style. I hope you'll follow and keep talking to me there!  I will be posting the new Illuminative Collection pieces on there so that you can see what the movement is all about!

THANK YOU AGAIN!  You made Mama Crush Boutique into a success and helped launch this Mama into her dream career.  If that doesn't exemplify women supporting women, then I don't know what does!  See you over on Mama Crush Life!

I am Mama Crush,


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